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Industrial Racks Manufacturing

Industrial Racks Manufacturing

The manufacturing of industrial racks is a complex process that involves advanced engineering methods to create strong and efficient industrial storage solutions. These structures are essential in the handling and storage of goods in various sectors, significantly improving the organization and logistics of industrial spaces. Below, we will detail the materials and processes involved in the manufacture of these storage solutions.


Materials used in the manufacture of industrial racks

The selection of materials is crucial to ensure the durability and resistance of industrial racks. There are several options that can be used depending on the load specifications and the environment of use

Steel: the main material

Steel is the predominant material in the manufacture of metal racks because of its strength and durability. The selection of high-quality steel is essential, as it must withstand heavy loads and offer safety in the handling of industrial stock. In addition, this material is versatile and adapts to different shapes and sizes, which is  significant for creating customized industrial racks with variations to suit the specific needs of the warehouse.

Other materials and components

Although steel is the star material in fabrication, it is not the only one. Elements such as highstrength bolts, beams, support panels and connectors are also part of the list of required materials. The quality of these accessories is equally important to ensure the stability and functionality of the industrial rack. In certain cases, plastic or rubber materials can be integrated for protection and finishing.


Rack manufacturing process

The industrial rack manufacturing process is detailed and requires precision to ensure that each component meets the expected safety and efficiency standards. The manufacturing steps we perform at Rack USA are as follows:

  1. Steel coil arrives, is unloaded and stored in the warehouse.
  2. The coils are cut into strips with the slitter.
  3. The cut strips are punched and go directly to the rolling area, where they can be converted into beams, columns or crossbeams.
  4. At the end of the rolling process, the column and beam are cut and passed to the welding process, where they are placed on the scantlings to be welded
  5. The welding residues on the beams and columns are cleaned to pass to the washing area.
  6. After washing, they are formed and passed to the painting area, and depending on the customer’s needs and specifications, the type of paint to be used is determined. If the customer has the need for storage in cold rooms or perishable products, instead of painting, the rack is galvanized.
  7. Subsequently, the rack is then wrapped and strapped with high-strength strapping.
  8. Finally, the rack is placed on the platform for shipping.


Types of industrial racks and their applications

Within industrial rack manufacturing, there are two main types of racks that are commonly used in the industry for different purposes and operational needs.

Metal racks

Metal racks are exceptionally valuable storage systems because of their ability to support medium and semi-heavy loads. These systems are perfectly suited to various operational needs and types of goods, optimizing the use of available space in industrial environments.

Within metal racks, we find other models that are crucial to maximize efficiency and space utilization: the selective rack and the pallet flow rack.

  • Selective racks, also known as selective system, are ideal for storing a wide variety of items on pallets accessible from an aisle, providing quick and direct access to each stored product. This type of system is perfect for goods that require constant rotation, making the most of the available space and facilitating inventory management. 
  • Pallet flow system uses gravity to move pallets from the highest point to the exit point in the aisle, operating on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis. It is especially useful for products with a high turnover rate, improving handling efficiency and reducing the travel time of the personnel in charge of the area.

Structural Racks

This type of warehouse racks are designed to support heavy loads and are perfect for warehouses that need to store products or materials of great weight and volume. Their solid design allows them to be used in environments that demand high performance and durability, while offering flexibility in configuration.

Space optimization and efficiency

The proper configuration of racking systems can make a big difference in the operational efficiency of a warehouse, as they help improve order, safety and product accessibility.

Industrial racking and picking

Industrial racking is designed to facilitate picking, i.e. the manual selection and picking of products.
This type of shelving can be adjusted in height and configuration to adapt to different types of products and manual loads, thus optimizing the use of space and improving ergonomics for workers.

RACK USA, quality in design and manufacturing

At Rack USA we stand out in the storage systems industry for having more than 50 years of experience, offering a wide range of solutions that fit the different needs of the storage industry.

Our manufacturing process is characterized by attention to detail and focus on quality. All products are manufactured to a high standard, including seismic factors in the design, which guarantees their safety and effectiveness in different operating conditions. This approach has positioned us as a leader in innovation and quality in the storage systems industry.

Looking to optimize your storage space with safe and efficient solutions? At Rack USA we are experts in the manufacturing of industrial racks, designed with state-of-the-art technology and certified quality standards. From heavy duty racks to customized solutions, we have everything you need to improve your logistics, contact us now and take your storage to the next level!

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